Calcium is a very important mineral in human metabolism . Calcium helps
– to form and maintain healthy teeth and bones .
– Blood clotting 
– Sending and receiving nerve signals .
– Releasing hormones and other chemicals .
Deficiency of calcium can lead to weaker bones ,poor intake ,vitamin D deficiency ,hypothyroidism ,renal disease ,long term deficiency can lead to osteomalacia and osteoporosis .Daily recommended dosage of calcium  for (adult) men 1000 mg /day .women – 1200 mg /day . Taking highest amount of Calcium supplements for a long period of times raises the risk of kidney stones .Calcium from dietary sources are safe than supplements .

Natural food stuffs which  are having richest source of calcium 
1 . 100 grams of poppy seeds contains 1584 mg of calcium .It is the richest source of calcium among all foods .you can  add these seeds to your daily diet to get sufficient amount of calcium .

poppy seeds

2 . 100 grams of omum or ajwain seeds having 1523 mg of calcium .You can add this seeds on your daily diet it is having richest source of calcium and having medicinal benefits .

omum or ajwain seeds 

3.  100 grams of seasame seeds or gingelly seeds contains 1450 mg of calcium .

Sesame seeds

4.100 grams of cumin seeds contains 1080 mg of calcium and having lot of health benefits .



cumin seeds 

5 .100 grams of agathi leaves contains 1130 mg of calcium and having lot of nutrients which are helpful to our body .Agathi leaves are the richest source  of calcium among all greens .

Agathi leaves


6 . calcium content  of following food stuffs (100 grams )
  pepper – 460 mg  
coconut –  400 mg 
 Ragi – 344 mg Ragi is the richest source of calcium among all cereals .We can make many food items from this cereal.


 soya bean – 240 mg 
 badam – 230 mg 
 drumstick leaves – 185 mg 
milk – 120 mg 
dates – 120 mg
Spinach – 99 mg



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