Colcus amonicus is a fleshy , bushy ,perennial  ,highly aromatic  and medicinal herb is commonly grown as a potted plant in India  . Now this medicinal herb is cultivating world wide countries .It is known as in Tamil karpooravalli ,because of it is having the flavour of camphor .In Hindi it is called Ajwain leaves . This has been used  for long time in Indian alternative system of medicines like Ayurveda ,Siddha and folk medicines .
The fresh  leaves juice  of karpooravalli is
–  excellent cure for cough ,cold , sore throats , nasal congestion,wheezing  and bronchitis .
– It helps to regulate the menstruation and strengthen the uterus .
– It helps the  absorption of nutrients .
– It is used in urticaria and other allergic conditions .
– It helps to regenerating the body cells , tissues and promote longevity .
– It helps to eliminate toxins from our body and promotes perspiration .
– It helps to relieve the gas formation and strengthening the intestines .
– It helps for muscles relaxation .
– It fight against infectious diseases because of its anti bacterial ,anti viral and anti fungal property  .
– It helps to improve immunity power against infectious diseases .
We can take this karpoora valli leaves in the forms of  raw ,rasam , ,bajji ,fresh leaves juice with honey  and soup.


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