A mushrooms are a special type of fungi with various scientific names belongs to Agaricus genus .There are many different types of edible mushroom which contains more powerful nutrients .Mushroom are a great addition to a healthy diet . It  is very good food for vegetarians .Mushrooms contains vitamins like vitamin B complex compound such as niacin ,riboflavin ,panthogenic acid ,vitamin C ,vitamin D , minerals like selenium ,potassium ,zinc ,copper ,phosphorous ,manganese ,low sodium ,protein , natural antioxidant ergothioneine , folates , chitin and beta glucan dietary fiber .
– Mushrooms are  very good for weight control because it is low in calories and fat free .
– Mushrooms helps to reduce and regulate the high blood pressure  because of its high content of  potassium .
– It helps to regulate the bowel movements because it contains dietary fiber .
– Mushrooms are richest source of selenium that works as a antioxidants to protect body cells from damage .
– Chitin and beta glucan fibers found in mushrooms will help to lowers the high  blood cholesterol levels  and maintain normal level.
– It helps to prevent and reduce the risk of heart diseases ,and helps for  proper functioning of heart .
– Mushrooms are very good for gout patients .
– It helps for formation of red blood cells  which carry oxygen throughout the body and absorption of iron because of its copper and folic acid content .
– Light exposed mushrooms are naturally generate vitamin D which enhances the calcium absorption and bone strength .
– Mushrooms have low glycemic index , and carbohydrate free ,hence it is very suitable for diabetic patients .
– Beta glucan found in the mushroom  helps to boost the immunity and strength because it has  an immunity stimulating effects and give resistance against allergies like cold ,flu and other viral infection .
– It will help to maintain for healthy skin and hair .
– It is very good source of  proteins ,it will help the body building and give strength to the nerves and muscles .
– It protect against cancers because of its antioxidants and anti  carcinogenic effects .  
You can sprinkle the mushrooms over eggs ,sand which fillings ,cooked vegetables and meat .Fresh mushrooms can added to your daily diet deliver the important and powerful nutrients .You can prepare numerous varieties of dishes from mushrooms .


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