1 . White lotus flower   – 1 ( only petals )
2 . Hibiscus flower        –  4 ( only petals )
3 .Palm Sugar               – 1 teaspoon 
4 .boiled milk                        – 100 ml 
5 .honey                       – half teaspoon 

Method of preparation 

–  Clean and wash  the  petals of white lotus and hibiscus flowers .
– Take 200 ml of water in a container add hibiscus and white lotus flower petals .
– Allow  this mixture for boil to make it half .
– And then filter it ,add milk ,honey and  palm sugar to it .
-Mix it well and have this hot mixture as a tea .
– You can take this  mixture instead of tea  or coffee ,morning and evening .

Benefits of this tea 

 – This is very good for  our total health .
– This is very excellent  for heart,s health .
– It will prevent and cure coronary artery heart diseases  .
– It strengthen the heart muscles .
– It enhance the functions of heart . 
– It will control high blood pressure and regulate the blood pressure .- It helps to prevent plaque formation in the heart .
– It helps to reduce the blood cholesterol levels .
This flowers are easily available every where .Powder of this flowers are available in the herbal stores .Instead of fresh flowers we can use powder .Use this healthy herbal tea regularly for preventing heart diseases .


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