Botanical name of the pomegranate  is Punica granatum .Pomegranate is called queen of fruits because of its high content of nutrients and medicinal properties .It is a fruit bearing small tree grown between 5 to 8 meters tall  .Pomegranates are originated in Iran and has been cultivated since ancient times ,now it is cultivating in world wide countries .Traditionally this juice is used for healing diarrhea and ulcers .Seeds of one medium size pomegranate provides nutrients like  234 kilo calories ,28 milligrams of calcium ,34 milligrams of magnesium ,666 milligrams of potassium ,29 IU ( micro grams ) of vitamin C ,1.7 IU  (micro grams ) of vitamin E ,and 46  IU (micro grams ) of  vitamin K .,107 microgrames of folates and also it contains vitamin A ,thiamin ,riboflavin ,niacin ,iron and phosphorous .
– Pomegranates are the great source of ellagic acid ,antioxidant ,puncic acid ,and omega 5 poly unsaturated fatty acids which are beneficial for cell regeneration .
– Many research studies suggest that punicalagin ,tannin , antioxidant like anthocyanin coumpounds like gallic acids and flavonoids like quercetin  found in pomegranate ,which offer protection from diabetes ,heart diseases ,osteoporosis and certain type of cancers .
– It play a vital role in the secretion of enzymes and aids proper digestion .
– It helps to prevent and eliminate anemia because it contains iron and folate which helps to produce red blood cells  and DNA .Vitamin C content in this will help to absorb iron .
– Regular in take of juice will helps to slow down the aging process by reducing wrinkles on the skin .and improve the texture of skin .
– It helps to strengthen the hair follicles ,prevent hair fall and give lustrous appearance .
– It helps to heal scars from the body .
– It helps to lowers the LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol .
– Good content of  antioxidant vitamin C helps the body develop against infectious diseases and boost immunity .
– Consumption of  pomegranate extracts is good for various human disorders including prostate cancer ,diabetes ,coronary artery diseases ,kidney disease ,male and female infertility ,male erectile dysfunction ,osteoporosis ,infant brain injury ,rhino virus infection ,BPH ( prostate hyperplasia ) ,lymphoma ,pregnancy complications  ,anemia ,digestive problems and oxidative stress .
Add this highly nutritious and delicious fruit on your daily diet for healthy living .


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