Jathara means stomach or abdomen ,parivartan means revolving ,turning .
Steps to do

– Lie down on a mat with straight spine ,legs together and arms extended straight out from your shoulders and palms up .
 – Exhale and placing  your left foot on your right knee .
– Inhale and lift your hip from the floor .
–  Exhale and sliding your hip slightly backward to your left ,twist into your outer right side hip ,while gently pulling your left knee towards the floor with the help of your right hand .
– Inhale and lengthening the posture making one line from heel head  –  Exhale turn your head and look towards your left hand side .
– Stay this this position for some seconds .
– And then inhale your breath return to center position and extending your legs ,aligned .
– Do it for both sides .
Benefits of this asana

– This asana gives deep relaxation ,and relieve stress.
– Give flexibility in the mid back and lower rib cage .
– It helps to relieve from asthma .
– It helps to improve the blood circulation .
– It helps to relieve from gastric problem .
– It improves the digestion .
– It helps to improves the functions of pancreas ,spleen ,liver and intestines .
– It helps to correct the misaligned vertebrae .
– It helps relive from  leg pain  ,stomach pain shoulder pain ,back pain and neck pain .
– It helps to improve the functions of endocrine glands .
please avoid those who are suffering from back ,hip and knee injuries and degenerative disks .


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