Euphrasia is a plant medicine from euphrasia officinalis .It is also known as eye bright . It is found  and used in Europe ,North America  west and northern parts of Asia . The name Euphrasia originates in Greece from the word for gladness .Euphrasia officinalis is an annual herb grows 2 to 8 inches tall with deep cut leaves and white or yellow or purple blooms that have yellow varigations .It belongs to the figwort family of plants .When the plant is full of flowers stage around the month of july and august ,this plant is cut from the root and prepare the extract for medicine .
This plant has a long history use for eye problems hence the name of eye bright .It has been used for centuries in homeopathy ,folk medicines and herbal treatment for eye problems .
  This plant is packed with flavonoids ,tannins and iridoid glycosides .This is very suitable medicine for acute conditions like allergies ,discharge from eyes ,burning ,irritated eyes with intense blinking ,conjunctivitis or irish problems with profuse acrid discharge from the eyes and hot irritating tears ,reddish color spotted eyes , sensitivity to bright light ,switching of eye lids ,burning and itching  of eyelids ,sticky eye gum acrid yellow discharge ,like a hair irritating eye ,and other conditions like cold ,flu and measles .It can be used as a eye wash ,eye drops ,plant infusions can take internally for opthalmic use .
Euphrasia eyes drops are available in the homeopathic medical shops .This is the best natural medicine for eye problems .


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