A hen egg is a complete food loaded with amazing range of all essential nutrients. Egg contains cholin ,selenium ,biotin ,vitamin B 12  ,riboflavin (B 2 ) ,iodine ,molybdenum ,pantothenic acid ,protein ,vitamin A ,vitamin D ,vitamin E ,iron ,phosphorus ,folates ,calcium ,potassium ,zinc , manganese ,omega 3 ,omega 6 fatty acids and all essential aminio acids .Eating egg is a very good  way to give yourself a health boost .Amino acids in eggs are known to be very wholesome of the egg contains all of the essential aminoacids that our body required . Egg protein is referred to protein with high biological value so it is called complete protein .Moderate  regular consumption of eggs up to one a  day will helps to 
– Fights many diseases .
– It helps to prevent blood clots ,strokes and heart attacks .
– It helps to regulates the functions of brain  ,cardiovascular  system and nervous system .
– It helps to increase the HDL cholesterol and lowers the LDL cholesterol because of its omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids content .
– It helps to reduce the insulin resistance type 2 diabetes .
– It prevents breast cancer because  it is having antioxidants  ,which fights the radicals that can cause tissue and celluar damage which may leads to cancer .
– It helps to build muscles mass ,repair tissues and provide structure of celluar wall because of its high content of all essential aminioacids .
– The egg is a power house of disease fighting nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin .
– Egg yoalk contains 200mg of dietary  cholesterol which is not majar risk factor for heart .
– It promotes healthy hair and nails .
– It promotes good thyroid function 
– It helps to prevent and cure anemia .
– It lowers the risk of developing cataract and prevent macular degeneration of an eyes .
– Egg is one the only foods that contains naturally occurring vitamin D.
It is very good for growing children and the person who is not having high blood cholesterol levels can take daily will help to fight many diseases and boost their health.


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