Piles are painful swollen veins in the lower portion of the rectum of anus .Piles occur just inside the anus at the beginning of the rectum that is called  internal piles .The piles that is occur at the anal opening and may hang outside the anus that is called external piles .
Causes of piles 
– Diet lack of fiber ,-  Chronic constipation ,-  Prolonged sitting ,- overweight , – Pregnancy and childbirth  ,- Colon cancer ,- Liver disease ,-  Rectal surgery ,- loss of muscle tone in older adults 
Piles can occur at any age .Generally most of the people are suffering from this piles problem .Drivers ,those who are doing office work ,computer operators  , typewriters  ,writers  ,smokers ,People those who are taking alcohol ,eating too much of spicy and hot foods ,who are not taking fruits and vegetables in their diet ,Those who are suffering from chronic disease  are easily affected by this problem .
Symptoms of piles 
– Bleeding ,- Pain during bowel movements ,- Pain ,- Itching ,- Burning ,- Irritation ,- prolapse of swollen visible mass .
Bleeding is present but there is no external mass visible it is called bleeding piles .
There is prolapse of piles after stool but the mass recedes automatically after defecation .
The hemorrhoids prolapse during stool but do not reduce by them themselves and they have to reduce manually .
Piles cannot be reduced at all time and it remains always outside the anal orifice .This conditions  at any stage and symptoms can come and go unpredictably .
Homeopathic remedies can offer gentle and safe relief from piles .In homeopathy very excellent medicines are available to cure piles 
1 .Aesculus hippocastanum 
 It is very good remedy for piles with symptoms like soreness of piles ,dryness and heat of rectum ,excessive burning in anus ,sensation of knife like pain ,irritability ,itching ,swollen piles with back pain .For this problem aesculus hippocastanum will give very good remedy .
2 .Aloe socotrina 
It is the best remedy for piles where hemorrhoids look like a bunch of grapes ,there is constant bearing down sensation ,profuse bleeding ,sore pain and heat which is relieved by cold water ,poor sphincter control and stomach pain .
3 .Hamamelis virginiana 
  This medicine  is very good for bleeding is excess in piles ,burning ,soreness and itching.
4 .Collinsonia 
It is an excellent medicine for women in later pregnancy and delivery .Piles are chronic , painful and bleeding .
5 .Nuxvomica 
It is suited for almost all types of piles .
6 .Sulphur 
 A deep acting and useful medicines used in many cases of piles when other remedies are not responding .



  1. Very impressive contribution!!! My wife is suffering from hemorrhoids. But she don’t go to doctor because she feels embarrassed to go to a doctor or to the pharmacy to ask for a hemorrhoids treatment, I love her too much and want to help her. So that’s why I am reading and looking for some home remedy to help her. And I would say that your article is really helpful and keep on sharing such information!!!


  2. I've had Hemorrhoids for nearly 40 years now. I use to suffer badly from moderate chronic Hemorrhoids combined with unbearable swelling and bleeding. As with numerous other Hemorrhoids sufferers, I've been fold to “accept and live with it” In searching the internet about Hemorrhoids, I found very good remedies on hemorrhoids treatment


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