Alzheimer,s disease is a progressive and fatal brain disease and it is characterized by impairment of memory eventually by disturbance in reasoning ,planning ,language and perception .Degeneration of neuron cells in the brain is leads  to Alzheimer,s disease ..Presently over 35 million plus people world wide are suffering from Alzheimer,s disease .Most of the patients develop after the age of 65  .American peoples are suffering more from this disease than other people .Slightly more woman than men have Alzheimer,s disease .
Factors causing Alzheimer,s disease 
– Aging ( mostly developed above 65 years  ) 
– Genetically also comes  
– Hormonal changes ,low levels of testosterone,
– Certain drugs like antihistamines ,sleep aids ,anti depressants and narcotic pain relievers .
– High levels of amyloid protein .Amyloid protein is a toxic substance that can kill neurons in the brain that are important for learning and memory ,It leads to the Alzheimer,s disease .
– High blood pressure 
– Coronary artery disease 
– Diabetes and 
-Blood cholesterol.
Symptoms of Alzheimer,s disease .
– Shows difficult with language .
– Significant memory loss 
– Patient may forget recent events and people,s name 
– Can no longer manage to live alone without problems .
– Exhibits wandering and other behavioural abnormalities .
– Have difficulty in eating 
– Not recognize relatives ,friends ,and other familiar objects .
– They become agitated ,irritable extremely dependent .
– Disorientation 
– Misplacing things and
– judgment problems .
Homeopathic remedy for Alzheimer,s disease .
1 .Ashwagandha -Q 
2. Ginko biloba -Q
3 .Anacardium orentale 
These three medicines are very useful to cure Alzheimer,s disease .Many research studies shows that these medicines may reverse memory loss and improve cognitive ability in those who are suffer from this disease .
Natural remedy and prevention of Alzheimer,s disease
1. Turmeric 
   Curcumin which is found in the spice turmeric is very good for brain health.Tamil Nadu in India the rate of Alzheimer,s disease is very less because they are using turmeric  in their daily diet  .Curcumin is a  powerful antioxidants and have anti inflammatory properties .Low molecular weight and polar structure of curcumin allows it to penetrate the blood brain barrier effectively and bind to beta amyloid .Curcumin is more effective in inhibiting the protein fragments than more other Alzheimer,s disease treatment .
 2.Supplements of omega 3 fatty acids
.Vitamin B12 
Vitamin D and folic acid 
3 .Highly nutritious diet .
4 .Blue berries .Blue berries contain anthocyanosides which fight  for memory impairment associated with free radicals and amyloid plaques in the brain .
5 .Walnuts and almonds 
6. Purple grape juice 
7 .maintaining normal blood pressure 
8 . Strong social support 
9. Fish . 
10 . cinnamon .This  will be help to mange and prevent the Alzheimer,s disease .





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