Cinnamon is a spice that comes from the branches of wild trees that belongs to the genus ” Cinnamomum ” native to Caribbean ,south america and southeast Asia .It is a common aromatic spice and flavoring agent . Once it is considered more precious than gold .Normally it is used  in the form of dried bark and essential oil . It is used in the food items likes beverages ,deserts and main course meals .Cinnamon contains some nutrients like calcium ,iron ,fiber , thiamine  B1 ,riboflavin B2 ,niacin B3 ,B12 ,vitamin C ,vitamin K ,manganese and many other nutrients .Many research studies indicates that the cinnamon have incredible health benefits .
– Cinnamon is a very powerful spice has been known to have anti inflammatory ,analgesic ,antiviral ,anti bacterial ,anti fungal and aphrodisiac properties .
– It has been used as a astringent ,antiperspirant and deodorant .
– Cinnamon extract will regulates the blood sugar levels , reduce the fasting blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes and also prevent from type 2 diabetes .It is very good  and effective  for diabetic patients .
– It helps to reduce the cardiovascular disease . It helps reduce the total cholesterol , LDL cholesterol ,and triglycerides .
– It helps to reduce the gastric ulcers ,indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome .
– It protect from cancer .
– It is very good for menstrual pain ,infertility and erectile dysfunction .
– It is acting as a  food preservative .
– It is very  effective against ulcer causing bacteria and other micro organisms .It has an anti microbial properties .
– It helps to inhibits the development of Alzheimer,s disease .
– It is very effective against HIV disease .
– It helps  to activate the insulin receptors and helps to reduce the insulin resistance .
– Cinnamon can help to reduce the body ,s negative responses to eating high fat meals .
-Cinnamon with honey is very effective remedy for pimples .
– It helps to cure the cold and cough .
– It helps to prevent bad breath and tooth decay .
– It helps improve the memory and brain function .


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