Delicious ,red colored , heart shaped ,most popular ,and highly nutritious strawberries are having lots of health benefits .It is native to France now it is a commercial crop in all over the world .This plant is a creeper belongs to the family Rosaceae of the genus fragaria .Scientific name of this fruit is Fragaria x ananassa .It is widely appreciated for its characteristic aroma ,bright red color ,juicy texture and sweetness .It is consumed in large quantities either fresh or in such prepared foods as preserves fruits ,fruit juice ,pies ,ice creams ,milk shakes ,chocolates and strawberry aroma is used in many industrial food products and nutrients .It is the most popular fruit and flavouring substances all over the world .

It is packed with lots nutrients .It is an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese .It is very good source of  fiber ,iodine ,and folates .It is good source of copper ,potassium ,biotin ,phosphorus ,magnesium vitamin B6 ,vitamin A ,omega 3 fatty acids , anti oxidants , Phytonutrients ,anthocyanins ,flavonoids ,tannins ,hydroxy -benzoic acid ,hydroxy cinnamic acid ,ellagic acid , quercetin etc .
– Strawberries are excellent source of vitamin C which helps to prevent infection and boost immunity .Eight strawberries have more vitamin C than an orange .
– It has an anti allergic properties .
– It helps to prevent the cardiovascular disease through reduce the LDL cholesterol because of its omega 3 fatty acids .
– It helps to regulate the blood pressure because of its potassium content .
– Strawberries are low in calories and no fat content it helps to reduce and manage the body weight .
– It  is very good for diabetic patients and constipation  because it is having  low glycemic index ,and good fiber content .
– It helps to reduce the blood sugar levels because of its ellaginnins and poly phenol content .
– Because of its folic acid content it is very good for pregnant women .
– It fights all types of cancer because of its antioxidant property . 
– It helps to boost memory that why it is very good for alzheimers disease .
– It helps to prevent hair loss .
– It is very good for our bones .
– It promotes proper function of thyroid gland because of its iodine content .
Add this tasty and highly nutritious fruit on your daily diet for healthy living .


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