Red grapes


 Delicious and highly nutritious grapes are small round or oval shaped berries that feature semi translucent flesh encased by smooth skin .Grapes are native to Europe and Mediterranean regions but now widely cultivated all around the world . Grapes cultivated in Asia as early as 5000 BC . Grapes were also pictured in hieroglyphics in ancient Egyptian burial tombs . Some verities of grapes contain edible seeds while others are seedless . Red or purple grapes rich in anthocyanins ,white -green grapes are rich in tannins ,catechin .Antioxidant compounds are densely concentrated on the skin and seeds .Commercially it is cultivated for different purposes eaten as a table fruit ,fresh fruit ,dried fruit and wine production .
Grapes are storehouses of health promoting phyto nutrients such as poly phenolic antioxidants ,vitamins and minerals .The color of this fruit is presence of poly – phenolic pigments in them .Grapes contains vitamin C,vitamin B 2 ,Vitamin B 6 ,vitamin A ,vitamin K , copper ,folates , sodium ,calcium ,iron ,carbohydrates ,sugar ,soluble and insoluble fiber ,phosphorus ,magnesium ,selenium ,fatty acids ,aminoacids ,phytonutrients polyphenol ,phenols ,resveratrol ,placeatannol ,beta carotene ,lutein ,zeaxanthin etc .
– It helps to regulate the blood sugar levels and it helps to reduce insulin resistance because of its phyto -nutrient content ,fiber content and low glycemic index .
– It helps to reduce the high blood pressure because of its high potassium content .
– It helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol and prevent  the heart diseases and stroke .
– It is very good for heart .
– It is rich in resveratrol powerful antioxidant which protect against cancer ,coronary heart diseases ,degenerative nerve disease ,Alzheimer,s disease ,viral and fungal diseases .
– It helps to reduce and maintain normal body weight because it has less calories and no cholesterol .
– Anthocyanins are present in red grapes which have anti – allergic ,anti – inflammatory ,anti microbial as well as anti cancer activity .
– It helps to prevent aging .
– It helps to prevent the microbe relaxed problems like food born diseases .
– It helps for protein metabolism ,collagen formation and good functioning of nervous system .
– It helps to cure constipation because of its fiber content .
– It helps to cure indigestion and irritation in the stomach .
– It is very good for anemia because of its vitamin C content ,folates and iron content .Vitamin C is very essential for absorption iron in the body .
– It will give quick remedy from fatigue .
– It helps to reduce the uric acid deposit in the blood .
– It helps to boost immunity because of its vitamin C content .
– It helps to prevent from common cold as well as serious health issues .
– It helps to prevent cataract .
Add this highly nutritious fruit on your daily diet for healthy living .


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