The delicious ,small ,red and round fruit has edible skin and sweet flavor .This fruit is also known as Chinese dates .Binomial name of this fruit is ziziphus jujuba .It is a small tree achieving height 5 -10 meters generally along with thorny limbs .The fruit is usually first green in color and as they grow they will turn in purple or even dark red color .It is originated in China .It is a popular medicine in China for thousands of years ,they have been cultivated in China since thousands of years ago .China is the largest producer of this fruit .This fruit contains high levels of glucose and fructose ,vitamin B1 ,vitamin B2 ,vitamin C ,vitamin A ,calcium ,potassium ,full of sapennis ,oleanolic acid ,urolic acid ,flavonoids ,sterols ,antioxidants  and small amount of copper ,iron ,and zinc . It is  loaded with 18 essential aminoacids .It is an excellent source energy .

Many medical researches shows that 
– jujube fruits extract have the capacity to help low and high blood pressure.
– it helps to treat anemia .
– It helps to reverse the liver disease and  inhibit the growth of tumor cells that can lead to leukemia .
– It helps to reduce the blood cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.
– It  is used in the skin care products ,to diminish wrinkles , reduce the redness and swelling ,relieve dry  ,itching skin  , wounds ,and treat sun burn .
– The flavonoid apigennis contains antioxidants as well as anti inflammatory and anti tumor properties helping to reduce the risk of cancer ,liver impact ,digestion and other allergies .
– And used to treat lack of appetite ,fever ,hysteria ,inflammation ,asthma ,eye problem ,stress ulcers and improving muscular strength .– jujube seeds are used to treat anxiety and insomnia in traditional Chinese medicine .
– Jujube leaves are used to treat obesity .
In food it is used in variety of recipes .You can eat jujubes as a fresh ,dry them to use in tea ,candies ,wines, and syrups .



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