Omega – 3 fatty acids rich foods

Omega- 3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated essential fatty acids necessary for human health but body can not make them ,only we can get them through food .Omega -3 fatty acids play an important role in brain function as well as normal growth and development .There are three types of omega – 3 fatty acids . ALA – Alpha linolenic acid ,EPA – Eilcosapentaenoic acid  , DHA – Docosahexaenoic acid involved in human physiology .
Omega -3 fatty acids are found in fish such as salmon ,mackerel ,sardines ,tuna ,herring ,flax seeds ,walnuts ,pumpkin seeds ,collared greens ,mustered seeds ,olive seeds , olive oil .sesame  seeds ,soybean ,basil ,straw berries ,raspberries ,cauliflower and brussels sprouts .Many research studies shows that 
– Diet rich in omega – 3 fatty acids helps to prevent heart attacks ,irregular heart beat ,hardening and narrowing of arteries and stroke – Omega  – 3 fatty acids intake will prevent the type 2 diabetes .
– It improves the brain function ,lowers the mental depression ,reduce the mood swing and boost memory .
– It helps in the production of prostaglandis which is helpful for regulate the blood pressure,blood clotting ,nerve transmission and allergic responses .
– It improves the blood cholesterol levels ,increase the  HDL cholesterol  which good cholesterol and decrease the triglycerides levels .
– It helps to improves the bone strength through the increasing the  levels of calcium in the body .
– It protects against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease .
– It slows aging .
– It improves the hyper activity in children .
– It helps to reduce the breathing difficulties .
– I lowers the the risk of chronic diseases .
– It helps to improve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis .
– It reduces the risk of cancer .
– Deficiency of omega – 3 fatty acids includes fatigue , dry skin , poor circulation ,poor memory ,mood swing and depression .


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