1 . Herbal remedy for increasing memory 

– Take 5 grams of  brahmi leaves powder ,  5 grams of bilva leaves powder  and 5 ml of honey mix it to the 200 ml of boiled milk  mix it well and then have this mixture morning and evening , this will help you to increase the  memory power.This is very good for school going children .These herbs are easily available in every where. This is very safe and the best method for improving memory  .
– Take 5 to 6 leaves of brahmi with two pieces of pepper chew it well and then swallow this  mixture ,daily in the morning this will help u to increase  the memory power and concentration .

2 .natural remedy for migraine headache 
 Take hand full of leaves of Etti tree  ,ginger ,pepper ,and garlic (each 20 grams ) add together , grind it well and then add this mixture to 500 ml of gingelly oil boil it well ,cool it and then fitter this mixture ,store it in a proper container ,apply this this oil on your top the head and leave it for 1 hour ,,after that you take a bath with hot water for 10 to 15 days this will help you to get rid of  migraine headache .


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