Brazil nuts 

 Brazil nuts trees are found in the forest region of Brazil ,Bolivia and Peru .It belongs to the family of Lecythidaceae of genus Bertholletia .It grows 50 meters height with large erect stem and wide umbrella like foliage at the top of the tree .The life span of this tree is about 500 to 700 years .Each mature tree bears up to 300 fruit pods in a season .The pod is large shelled fruit similar to coconut .It will takes about 14 months to mature after pollination .Each pod can weight up to 2.5 kg .Brazil nuts are staple food at Amazonian .

Richest source of selenium ,excellent source of vitamin B such as thiamine ,Riboflavin ,Niacin ,Pantothenic acid ,phyridoxine ,folates ,iron ,calcium ,potassium ,copper ,magnesium ,manganese ,phosphorous ,zinc , powerful fat soluble antioxidant vitamin E ,amino acids ,unsaturated fatty acids  like  linolenic acid ,oleic acid ,palmitic acid ,glutamine ,glutamic acid , arginine and dietary fibers  .

Benefits of the Brazil nuts are 
– Gives more energy and strength because of its high content of calories .
– Very good for hypothyroidism because it is an excellent source of    selenium .
– Lowers the LDL cholesterol ( Bad cholesterol )and increase the    HDL ( Good cholesterol ).
– Prevents coronary artery diseases and strokes .
– It prevents from all types of cancers because of its antioxidant    vitamin E .
– Good for skin ,it protect harmful oxygen free radicals .
– Good for nerve function because it contains more B complex  vitamin .
–  Very helpful for iron deficiency and B complex deficiency Anemia because it is a good source of iron and B complex .
– Production of red blood cells .
– Increases natural testosterone levels .
– Improves sperm motility and reduces infertility .
– Regulates the bowel movements .
– Regulates the heart rate.
– Good for brain function .
9 Good cholesterol )

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