Potassium is  one of an important mineral for maintaining electrolyte and fluid balance in the body .It protects the blood vessels from oxidative damage .It enables the muscle contraction and helps in maintaining normal blood pressure by neutralizing the effect of sodium .It lowers the risk of formation of kidney stones and bone loss .World Health Organisation recommends the daily intake of at least 90 mmol ( 1 mmol is equal to 39 milligrams of potassium  nearly 3500 milligram of potassium ) of potassium for adult to prevent potassium deficiency hypokalemia symptoms includes fatique ,irritability ,weakness ,hypertension ,rapid or slow heart beat  and loss of muscle coordination .  We should avoid higher intake of potassium through supplements it will cause irritation .fatique  and weak muscles.  It can be cured by high potassium and slow sodium diet intake .We can get the daily requirements of potassium from natural food stuffs .
Richest source of potassium foods stuffs 

One baked potato provides 1081 milligrams of potassium .

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one cup of tomato juice containing 909 milligrams of potassium .one cup of spinach juice provides 839 milligrams of potassium .
One cup of carrot juice provides  689 milligrams of potassium .
100 grams of beet greens provides 644 milligrams of potassium 
One medium sized sweet potato provides 694 grams of potassium .
One cup of beans and peas provides 600 milligrams of potassium .100 grams of tamarind provides 628 milligrams .100 grams of dried fig provides 680 milligrams of potassium .
avocado ,banana .melons apples .oranges ,rasins ,apricot ,dates ,mulberries are the good source of potassium .


Prunes are the excellent source of potassium .100 grams of prunes providing 1100 milligrams of potassium .


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