Omega 6  fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids ,human body does not produce its own .We can get this from diet and supplements .  Omega 6 fatty acids are in the form of Linoleic acid (LA ) ,Arachidomic acid ( AA ) . It is a very important nutrient that plays a vital role in promoting brain”s health .
Many studies have indicated that  benefits of Omega 6 fatty acids are 
–   Supplement of Omega 6 fatty acids reduces the diabetic Neuropathy people who are suffering from  this .
– Prevent allergies 
– Inhibits the  growth  of tumors and good for those  women who are having   breast cancer . 
– Helps in reproductive growth and over coming the ADHD symptoms .
– Reduces the high blood pressure.
– Good for eczema .
– Rejuvenates the hair .
– Boost in skin growth .
– Maintain healthy rate of metabolism .
– Boost bones growth 
– prevents cardiovascular diseases.
– protects kidney.
– boost memory
– Reduce the total blood cholesterol levels and LDL( bad cholesterol ) cholesterol , increase the HDL  ( good cholesterol )cholesterol .
Food rich in Omega 6 fatty acids are 
Olive oil ,sunflower oil ,flax seed oil ,palm oil ,corn oil ,walnuts ,pumpkin seeds ,seasame seeds , olive seeds ,peanuts ,fishes and squash seeds . 
Highly intake of Omega 6 fatty acids will cause inflammation .Correct doses can benefit your health immensely .


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