Mustard seeds

 Mustard seeds are the tiny seeds derived from a mustard plant .The entire plant is edible . It is a winter crop ,the plant reaches about  4 to 5 feet in height and bears golden yellow color flowers .Mustard seeds have long history of usage about 5000 years and native to the Himalayan region of India .Most of an Indian households use mustard seeds or its oil for various purposes .Mustard seeds are known to have numerous health benefits since they are low in calories ,low fat ,high nutritive value  ,antibacterial and antiseptic properties .Biological name of  the mustard seeds are brassica ,kadugu in tamil and malayalam  ,Avalu in telugu .Black ,white  and brown color mustard seeds are grown in world wide .
Mustard seeds contains high amount of selenium ,magnesium ,calcium , potassium ,low sodium ,dietary fiber ,vitamin C ,vitamin K ,folates ,thiamine ,niacin ,riboflavin ,manganese ,carotene,Omega 3 fatty acids ,,zeaxanthins and lutein .
Benefits of consuming  mustard seeds are
– Lowering the blood pressure 
 – Reducing blood cholesterol levels 
– weight reduction 
– Clears the digestive system 
– Good for menopause problem 
–  Reduce the risk of all types of cancer 
– Boost immune system 
– Fight against anemia 
– Making food more palatable 
– Boost metabalic rate and give feeling of fullness .
– Prevents antherosclerosis .
– Curing asthma 
– reduce the inflammation in rhumatoid arthrities .
–  Good for anxiety ,depression ,bronchitis ,sexual dysfunction ,asthma ,cold ,muscle pain ,.
  – Promotes hair growth  
– Relieves constipation 
– Fight against skin infections .
– Good appetizer 



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