Ebola virus is a deadly virus that causes Ebola hemorrhagic fever .Ebola first appeared in 1976  at south African village situated near the Ebola  river ,from which the disease takes its name .First Ebola virus outbreaks west African countries like  Nigeria ,Guinea ,sierra Leone and Liberia .

It spread through body fluids like blood ,vomit ,semen ,spit ,sweat ,pee ,poop and other fluids of a person who is sick with or died from Ebola virus disease .
Objects contaminated with viruses like needle and medical equipments . 
Infected animals by contact with blood or fluid or infected meat 
Contaminated air ,water ,and food .
It can spread from country to country when people travel  .
Ebola can only spread after symptoms begin.Symptoms can appear 2 to 21 days after exposure high fever ,headache ,joint and muscle pain ,stomach pain ,vomiting ,lack of appetite ,diarrhea , rashes in the skin , as the disease gets worst severe uncontrollable bleeding inside the body as well as from the eyes ,ears and nose .
It damages the  total immune system and body organs .
it kills 90 percentage of the people who are infected from Ebola virus .
If the person has a symptom of this will be isolated from the public immediately to prevent and spread .
 Ebola only spread a patient have symptoms to spread others ,after 21 days exposed person  ,does not develop any  symptoms they will not sick with Ebola .
Natural remedy for Ebola virus infection 
Garcinia kola or  other wise known as  bitter kola seeds are  the best choice for treating Ebola virus infection .
 Garcinia kola seeds are used in many tropical countries to fight against infectious diseases .
Many research studies conducted from this seeds against HIV infection and Ebola virus infection .Studies revels that
 Bitter kola seeds protects the human body against destruction by pathogens .
The seed extract has an  anti- inflammatory ,antiviral ,anti bacterial ,,anti parasitic ,anti microbial ,anti diabetic ,bronchodilator , purgative and anti hepatotoxic properties .
This seeds contains bioflavonnoids ,benzophenones , antioxidants ,xanthones ,glycosides ,saponnins  and sterols .
Garcinia kola is a medicinal tree belongs to guttiferae family .It is a medium sized ,well branched ever green tree mostly found in African rain forests .This is  most important tree in Nigeria for its medicinal seeds . The trees produces fruits every year ,this fruits are edible orange in color yellow pulp surrounding  four seeds .Elephants are particularly partial coming from far to trees in season .It  is a traditional medicine has been used  for centuries to treat coughs ,cold ,throat infection ,hepatitis ,bronchitis ,liver disorder .arthritis ,lung infection ,eye problems ,sexual problems ,swelling weight loss etc .
This seeds are useful for inflammatory and ineffective conditions .Seed extracts are the best immune booster .It can be used as a snake repellent ,spread it around the building .
Neem leaves ,Nilavembu leaves ,keela nelli ,sriyanangai ,periya nangai , etti seeds and mahogany seeds are the some of the natural medicines are available in India . These are very effective and useful for treating Ebola virus infection .

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