Bay leaves are referred to the aromatic leaf of the bay laurel plant belongs to the Lauraceae family . Bay leaves trees are native to  Mediterranean region .Bay leaves have lot of healing and  medicinal property .Scientific name of the  bay leaf tree is Laurus Nobilis .Bay leaves are used in soups ,meat ,chicken ,sea food preparations ,some vegetarian dishes like veg biryani ,kurma and sauces . These leaves very important to make biryani that is why it is called biryani leaf in Tamil Nadu.

The bay leaf plant is tall ,conical and ever green tree growing up to 30 feet height .Yellow or greenish star shaped flowers appear in this tree.Bay leaves gives a pleasing and sweet aroma when added to the dish .It is an important spice in the moghulai style of cooking biryani and kurma .Both fresh and dried leaves are used  in cooking and impart a distinctive flavor and aroma .The fresh leaves are very mild and do not develop their full flavor until several weeks after picking and drying .

 Bay leaves have antibacterial ,anti- fungal ,anti -inflammatory ,carmiative ,diaphoretic ,diuretic and astringent properties .It contains more content of vitamin C ,vitamin A ,calcium ,potassium ,iron ,folic acid ,zinc ,selenium ,magnesium and many phyto chemicals .This leaves have many volatile components such as alpha pinene .beta pinene ,nycene ,limonene ,linalool ,eugenol etc are known to have been antiseptic ,anti oxidantants ,digestive and anti cancer properties .

Benefits of the bay leaves are 

– It boosts immune system of the body because of its vitamin C  content .
– Prevents all types of cancer because of its chemo protective    properties .
– Very effective in treating hair loss ,dandruff  and head lice  .
– Good for insulin resistance diabetes , reduce the insulin resistance   and  regulate the blood sugar levels .
– Prevents heart from heart attacks and stroke .
– Reduce blood cholesterol and triglycerides level .
– Alleviate the digestive problems like indigestion ,bloating and  constipation .
– Regulates the functions of heart .
– Good for treating kidney stones and kidney infections .
– Very effective in fighting the symptoms of cold ,flu infections .
– Important for DNA synthesis and red blood cell production because of its folic acid content .
– Good for eye vision because it is having a powerful anti oxidant  vitamin A .
– Regulates the nervous system and body metabolism because it  contains  B complex vitamins like niacin ,pantothenic acid and  riboflavin .
– Stimulate appetite .
– Bay leaves powder acting as an insect repellent .
– Gives clean teeth .
– Regulate menstruation .
– Very effective for treating migraine  head ache ,diabetes ,abdominal pain ,colic pain ,bacterial infection ,fungal infection ,high blood pressure ,muscle pain ,paralysis athritis, respiratory infections and flu .


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