Guduchi is an ancient ,an  important ,famous ,powerful , and divine herb having full of medicinal properties used in Indian system of ayurvedic  medicines  for curing  many diseases  . It is called Jivanti ,it means life giving ,because it can literally give your life back .Guduchi is an herbaceous  ,tall climbing medicinal  shrub of the family menispermaceae , found in tropical areas of India ,myanmar and srilanka .It is typically growing in deciduous and dry forests .The leaves are heart shaped ,the succulent bark is creamy white to grey in color ,with deep clefts spotted with lenticels ,puts out long slender aerial roots and is often grown on Neem and mango trees .Botanical name of the guduchi is tinospora cordifolia ,in Tamil ,shindhil kodi ,amirtavalli . In telugu tippa teega ,in malayalam amruthu ,in kannada amruthaballi ,n hindi Giloy . The other name of this plant amirta is indicating the importance and healing body from various diseases  .
All parts of the guduchi are used for various medicinal purposes .This herb contains  many  phytochemicals like diterpenoid ,cordifol ,tinosporin ,cardifolide ,heptacosaflol ,glycosides ,isocolumbin etc .It is considered to  be one of the best rejuvenating herbs  in ayurveda .This plant is having many properties like antioxidant ,antitumor ,hypoglycemic ,anti microbial ,diuretic,hepatoprotective and antipyretic property .
– It is an excellent herb to take as an immune booster and powerful nutritive  general tonic for fight against many diseases .
– It is a powerful detoxyfier for liver because of its hepato protective property .
  – Good for treating liver disorders due to infections like hepatitis .fresh juice of this guduchi will helps to recover hepatitis soon .
– It is a blood purifier and general debility enhancer .
– Very strong immuno stimulant  with very good cycotoxic effects ,good for treating cancer .
– very effective in reducing rheumatic complications .
– It enhances the grasping power ,memory and recalling abilities .
– It delays the signs of aging .
– Increases longevity ,strength .
– It is helps to treat digestive ailments such as hyper acidity ,colitis ,loss of appetite and vomiting .
– It improves better complexion ,voice ,energy and luster of skin .
– Good for anemia ,cardiac debility ,diabetes ,sexual debility .
– Household remedy for chronic fever ,relieves burning sensation ,increase energy and appetite.
– Guduchi juice with cow,s milk is very effective in combating leucorrhea .
– It strengthen the tissues .
– promotes vitality 
– It helps cell rejuvenation .
– It supports proper functions of the nervous system .
– It helps to lowers the high blood sugar in diabetic patients because of its anti diabetic property .
– It is also traditionally used to promote longevity and to support healthy reproduction .
 – It is effective in treating for constipation ,tuberculosis and leprosy ,skin disease  and fever .
– Guduchi is available in the form of capsules  and powder in herbal and ayurvedic medical stores .




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