Touch me not plant is a creeping annual herb native to south and central america ,found in all over the world in tropical regions .It is a medicinal herb using in ayurveda and home remedy for curing many diseases .The leaves of this plant will be fold when we touched or shaken ,to protect them from predators ,re- opening minutes later , so it is called humble plant ,shameful plant .It is a pan tropical weed ,grows mostly in shady areas ,under trees or shrubs .The stem is slender branching and sparsely to densely prickly ,growing to a length of 1.5 m .The common names of this plant are sensitive plant , shameful plant ,humble plant ,sleeping grass and touch me not .Botanical name of this plant is mimosa pudica  belongs to the family fabaceae .In other languages like Tamil thotta surungi ,in malayalam thotta vaddi .

This plant is very effective in treating a wide range of disease conditions like allergy ,asthma ,hypertension ,blood cholesterol ,mouth and lung cancer ,piles ,premature ejaculation ,menstrual problems ,  stomach ulcers etc .
– Chemical compounds like mimocin ,galactose are found in this plant helps to inhibit DNA replication in cancer cells . 
– It is an excellent natural  remedy for insominia .
– Reduce the swelling and pain in joints .
– very good for depression 
– Very good home and ayurvedic remedy for diabetes .
We can use this in the form of leaf extract , kasayam ,and powder .
 -Apply the past of this plant leaves on swelling joints and leave it for over night and then wash off  ,this will help to reduce the swelling and pain in the joints .
– Take 30 ml of juice of this plant  for 7 to 10 days morning and evening will help to reduce the high blood sugar levels in diabetic patients .


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