We all aware of the health benefits eating of papaya fruit but we are not much aware of papaya leaf extract health benefits .It has lot of medicinal properties ,due to this property  it gives relief against some deadly diseases like dengue fever and cancer .Papaya leaves contains important nutrients like vitamin A ,B, C and E , carbohydrates ,protein ,calcium ,phosphorous ,iron ,antioxidants  ,flavonoids ,fiber ,water , enzymes chymopapin , papain and 50 more active nutrients .Papaya leaf juice is quite bitter in taste .Papaya leaf extract is a traditional method for curing dengue fever .
Several research studies indicated that 
papaya leaf juice helps to  
   – boost platelets  counts and also prevents and relieve the  symptoms of dengue fever because of its chymopapin and papain enzymes  . Having 20 to 25 ml of papaya leaf juice twice a day for a week gives quick results  at the time of dengue fever .It is a ,simple , inexpensive, and the best  natural method for treating dengue fever .
– Papaya leaf extract is having an anti malarial properties ,because of this it used for preventing malaria in certain areas .
– It protects the intestinal wall because of its tannin content .
– Papaya leaf juice is used for removes intestinal worms .
– Fight against viral infections like common cold – 
– Gives glowing and healthy skin because of its vitamin C,vitamin A content , acting as a skin cleansing agent and used for preparing several beauty products .
– Effective in  treating eczema .
– Healing open wounds and sores .
– Enhances the insulin sensitivity .
– Promotes hair growth ,strengthens the hair ,prevents badly thinning hair  and dandruff and used in the preparations of anti dandruff shampoo .
–  very great for acne 
–  good laxative .
–  prevents aging .
– Good for prostate enlargement ,nerve pain and elephantoid growth
–  Great remedy for preventing and treating gastrointestinal tract disorders ,intestinal parasite infections and as a sedative and diuretic .
– It has cancer fighting properties against wide range of tumors like cervical cancer ,liver cancer ,,breast cancer , lung cancer and pancreatic cancer without any toxic effects on the body ,
-Increases the immunity power against cancer .
–  Inhibits the growth of micro organisms .
– Relieving menstrual pain .
–  Relives the asthma symptoms ,( Papaya dried leaves are folded like a cigar ,and it is smoked by the asthmatic patients for relieving from asthma ).
– The milky juice collected from the papaya tree is the  very good remedy for warts and corns .
– papaya leaf extracts are available in the market as capsules ,tea leaves and in the powder form also for consumption .


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