Pulsatilla nigricans is  a perennial ,flowering  and medicinal  plant belongs to the family of ranuculaceae , native to north and southern Europe . It has a simple  and erect stem , the height of 1.5 meters with flowers .The leaves are feather like bipinnatifid with linear segments .Flowers are numerous ,bell shaped dark violet color to blue color .The root of this plant  is thick and short sends of several strong fibers .The whole plant is covered with  silky hairs . The flowers pulsate from the winds .Changing the flower position as the wind changes its direction  .
The name pulsatilla is derived from the Latin word pulsate  ,meaning to beat or  stride .The name nigricans is derived from the word niger , meaning to dark color, as the flowers of this plant are usually dark in color .When the plant is rubbed it exuded acrid vapour . It has an acrid and burning taste .Pulsatilla always found in groups on dry and sandy soil ,having small water .The other names of this plant are meadow anemone ,wind flower and shame faced maiden .Mother tincture is prepared from the whole plant when it is flowering during the month of May and August .It is used in Homeopathy for treating various diseases in different potencies .

This plant was anciently used for eye ailments and inflammation as a home remedy .This plant contains lactones ,saponins ,anemone cauphor ,tannins and volatile oil .It is having anti bacterial and antispasmodic effects .This herb is often called queen of homeopathic remedies because of its medicinal and curing properties .
In homeopathy it is used to treat various diseases like fever ,headaches ,arthritis ,bronchitis ,chicken pox ,cold ,cough ,digestive problems ,measles ,mumps swollen glands ,nausea ,vomiting ,diarrhea ,menstrual problems , inflammations ,tooth ache ,migraine headaches ,sinusitis ,skin problems ,nerve disorders ,insomnia ,asthma ,boils ,eye and ear infections  .


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