Green tea is  a healthy  ,tasty  ,highly nutritious and popular drink  alternative to black tea and coffee in all over the world . Green tea is made from the leaves of camellia sinensis that have under gone minimal oxidation during processing .Green tea is  an oldest herbal tea  known to man nearly 4000 years ago originated in China .It has been used as a beverage and medicine in China ,Japan ,India ,Thailand , and Vietnam .
Green tea contains variety of enzymes ,amino acids ,carbohydrates ,lipids ,sterols ,antioxidants ,polyphenols  , astringency component ,bitterness compound caffenine ,theanine ,vitamin C,vitamin B 2 , vitamin E ,folic acid ,saponins ,fluorine ,GABA  (Gamma Amino Butric Acid ) ,catechins , minerals like potassium ,calcium ,phosphorus ,manganese ,zinc , chromium ,selenium ,copper ,magnesium and chlorophil . “Seiyu “is present in green tea in very  small quantity that makes the fragrance of the tea .
Research studies revealed that it helps to
– Fight against all type of cancers 
– Lowers the bad cholesterol ( L D L )and increase the good cholesterol ( H D L ).
– Inhibits high blood pressure .
– Reduce plaques and bacteria in your mouth .
– Maintain healthy circulatory system .
– Reduce the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients because of its anti glycemic effect .
  – Prevents dementia 
– protects against heart disease 
– prevents type 2 diabetes 
– prevents bad  breath 
– gives healthy skin 
– Prevents dental cavities 
– prevents food poisoning 
– Strengthens the tooth enamel 
– increase the brain activity 
– Good for hypothyroidism 
– good for weight reduction 
Add this healthiest beverage on your daily diet for healthy and long life .


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