Vitex Negundo is a ,large aromatic ,medicinal  shrub found in India ,China and Philippines .It belongs to the family of Lamiaceae .It is a large aromatic shrub  or small tree from  a single trunk commonly  found in road sides  of Tamil Nadu .It is also known as the five leafed chaste tree in common  .,nochchi in Tamil ,vavil in Telugu ,nirgundi in Hindi ,karinochi in Malayalam and nila nirgundi in Sanskrit .  It is a common herbal remedy and has been used for hundreds of years .More than 200 spices of this plant exist with 14 found in India . 
Chemical constituents of this plants are monoterpenes ,agnusides ,eurostoside ,aucubin ,flavonoids casticin , isoorientin ,chrysosphenol etc .It has an anti histamine ,antioxidant ,anti cancerous ,anti bacterial ,anti viral ,anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties . 
The whole plant is used for preparing medicines .Extract of this plant has been used  in Ayurvedic  system of medicines for curing many diseases  , seeds are used in Unani system of medicines  and leaves ,roots ,flowers are used in herbal  and home remedies to treat various diseases .
Many research studies reveals that 
– It is also produce pain relief similar to aspirin and morphine .
–  It is not a toxic and did not cause any stomach damage .
– This extract of this plant is used to treat sprains ,swelling of joints ,arthritis pain and injuries .
– promotes fertility and might regulate menstrual cycle in woman .
– The flowers of this plant are acts as an astringent and digestive aid .- It enhances the male libido .
– Burning of this leaves are to repeal mosquitoes and house flies.
– Oil from this plant is also used to prevents the pests in grain storage .
– The leaves of this plant is used to cure cold and headaches as a home remedy .
– In ayurvedic medicines as rejuvenative tonic for promoting virility .
– Useful to treat premature ejaculation ,excessive vaginal discharge ,edema ,skin diseases ,malarial fever ,dizziness ,gonorrhea ,sinus head aches ,cold ,cough ,sores ,skin infections , arthritis ,bronchitis and asthma . 
– In ayurveda it is used in the preparation of medicines like  himcolin ,pilex ,pimple cream , tooth pastes ,diaper ,rash cream ,muscle and joint rub etc .



  1. Dear Dr.,
    Thank you for the post. I think you have combined the properties of two Vitex subspecies (Vitex negundo and vitex agnus castus).. The former is widely used for cough and respiratory illness, while the later for hormonal treatments. Mine is a mere online knowledge. Kindly refer and clarify my doubt please. Thank you


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