Cow ‘s milk is a  complete , highly nutritious ,easily digestible ,balanced  and  miracle liquid .Raw milk straight from the cow has been called the stem cell of foods .Milk is an important part of our diet .It was actually used as a medicine in the early part of the 20 th century.It is one of the most popularly  consumed beverage by the people .United states is the top most producer of cow milk .

 Cow ‘s milk contains several different carbohydrates including lactose ,glucose ,galactose and oligosaccharides .The lactose sweetens the milk  . Milk contains 20 essential aminioacids needed by the body .Grass fed cow milk contains lots of nutrients 

antioxidants isoflavones ,formononeth ,biochanin ,A prunetin , omega 3 fatty acids ,protein ,biotin ,iodine , zinc ,thiamine ,riboflavin ,magnesium ,potassium ,calcium , sodium ,selenium ,choline ,phosphorus , pantothenic acid ,beta carotene ,vitamin D ,vitamin K ,vitamin C ,vitamin E  ,fatty acids etc .

Some research studies proved that consumption  3 glasses of fat free cow ‘s  milk daily is to helps 
-The bones health  ,decreased the rate of bone  fracture ,reduce the risk of osteoporosis because it is rich in calcium .
– Because of its vitamin D content helps for calcium absorption . ,vitamin D plays an important role in absorption of calcium .
– Reduce the body weight because it is having low calories ,( 100 ml of milk provides 60 kcal ).
– Acts as an natural aphrodisiac 
– Rejuvenation of cells 
– Increase life expectancy 
– Improves strength and memory .
– Good for new born best next thing to the breast milk for new born baby .
– Choline is the very important nutrient found milk that helps with good sleep ,learning ,memory ,structure of cellular membrane,aids the transmission of nerve impulses absorption of fat and reduces the chronic impulses .
– Reduce the formation of kidney stones .
– reduce the risk of stroke ,heart disease ,high blood pressure ,cholesterol and protection against muscle mass .
 – Relieves tiredness ,dizziness ,excessive thirst and hunger .
– Good for fever  ,nasal bleeding and bleeding disorders .
– Formation of red blood cells  ,and good for anemia because because it is having B12 .
– Improves the functions of endocrine glands.
– Give glow to the skin 
– Decreased the risk of gout ,and reduce the uric acid  levels in the blood .
– Reduce the risk of  breast and colon cancer 
– improves the body immunity 
– Reduce the  depression ,premenstrual syndromes and  muscle pain .Add this miracle liquid on your daily diet for healthy living .

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