The crunchy ,sweet  ,attractive and highly nutritious carrots are originally cultivated in central Asia ,middle Eastern countries and Europe .Now it is cultivated in world wide countries .China is the largest producer of carrots in the world .The name carrot come from the Greek word Karoton. Although varieties of carrots are available  throughout the year in the markets .It belongs to the umbelliferae family .Carrots are widely used in preparations of salads ,sweets ,soups ,curries ,jams ,jellies ,juices ,beauty products etc .
Carrots contains number of valuable  nutrients like vitamin A ,vitamin  ,B1 ,B 3 , B 6 ,B 12 ,vitamin C,E and k ,folates ,copper ,potassium ,sodium ,iron ,calcium ,zinc ,selenium ,dietary fiber ,molybdenum ,biotin ,pantothenic acid ,phosphorus ,carotenoids ,sugar ,antioxidants ,aminoacids and phytochemicals . 
Many research studies shows that daily intake of carrot juice will helps to
– Prevents  and destroy the precancerous cells in the tumors  because of its poly acetylene ,antioxidant falcarinol ,and anti cancer activity .
– Good vision and prevents eye related problems like cataract ,macular degeneration of eyes  because of its carotenoids like alpha carotene ,beta carotene  ,lutein , zeaxanthin and vitamin A content .
– Lowers the blood cholesterol levels because of its pectin content .
– Improves the  fertility in both men and women .
– Removes constipation and good for piles because of its fiber content .
– Maintain healthy skin and prevents dry skin ,psoriasis and other skin related problems because of its vitamin E content .
-Boost immunity and prevent infectious diseases because of its vitamin C content .
– Stimulate hair growth 
–  Gives glowing skin 
– Improves the brain function 
– Prevents tooth decay 
– Increase insulin secretion ,maintains and regulate the blood sugar levels .
– Good for asthma  and protects the respiratory  system from other infections and the free radicals .
– Very effective in dispelling mucus from the ear ,nose ,throat easing nasal congestion ,sinusitis ,phlegm and mucus in the throat and other similar disorders . 
– Prevent  ulcers , promotes good digestion and increase appetite .
– Eliminate the excess fluids from the body 
– Reducing the water retention  in the foot in  pregnant women .
– Great for weight reduction because it is low  in calories  and no fat .
-Protects heart from heart disease because it contains  antioxidants lycopene ,zeaxanthine  and xanthophyl .
– Balance the blood acidity ,because of its the vital organic alkaline elements in carrots .
–  Clears  the  stomach worms in children 
– Good for anemia 
– Detoxifying the liver because of its cleansing property .
– Good for kidney disease 
– Reduce high blood pressure 
– Remove weakness and tiredness . .
Add this highly nutritious carrots in your daily diet for healthy and long living .



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