Palm fruit ( nungu )       – 2 pieces .
Tender coconut water    – 1 cup .
Sugar                              – 2 tsp .
Ice cubes                        – 2 pieces.

Method :

 – Remove the outer skin of the palm fruit 
 – Blend the palm fruit with  sugar in the mixer
 – Mix this mixture with  tender coconut water  and ice cubes 
 – And then serve it .

Benefits of this juice :

The simple , natural , delicious   , highly nutritious , and healthy juice gives a lot of health benefits .It is very suitable and excellent juice for summer season .
– Its acts as a  natural coolant for the body .
-It provides low calories ,fat and cholesterol free .
– Because of its anti dehydrating effects and electrolytes content helps to maintain the  normal body fluids levels .
– It is a laxative tonic , good for ulcers ,liver problems , kidney problems ,nausea and vomiting because of its  anti inflammatory and antioxidant property .
– It contains more potassium ,  easily digested carbohydrates in the form of sugar , electrolytes  ,vitamin B complex ,vitamin C ,sodium ,calcium ,iron and zinc .
– Good for bones ,removes fatigue soon .
– It boost immunity to the body . 
It prevents skin diseases and sunstroke during summer .



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