Mudra means seal in Sanskrit .Mudras are  symbolic or ritual  hand gestures .Kubera mudra  is very powerful mudra for increasing  ones intent of desires , confidence and achieving goals .This mudra is dedicated to the God of wealth ( Lord kubera ). Kubera mudra is also known as ” three finger technique or wealth mudra .This mudra is very simple and every body  can do it easily .

– Sit properly with sugasana on a proper mat .
– Join your tips of the  thumb ,index finger and middle finger together and press slightly .
–  Fold and place  the other fingers in the middle of your palm .
– Do this with both hands at a time without any strain of palms .
– Take slow and deep breathing while focussing on your heart desires .
– Do it for  15 to 30 minutes .
– Intensity of focus is more important than time for this mudra .
– It is also helps for  decongestion of  the frontal sinuses .
– It is also one of the best way to program your mind and body to bring out the specific important goal or wish .


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