K 1  ( Kidney meridian )

  This  acupressure point is located in the bottom of the foot ,at the junction of its anterior one third  and posterior two third in the depression between the 2nd and 3rd toe joints .( see in the figure )It is nicely located when the toes are planter flexed .

It is very powerful  and effective Jing – well point during emergencies like unconsciousness , shock ,respiratory failure epilepsy , cardiac failure ,infantile convulsions ,severe vomiting ,nausea and dysurea ,foot drop ,arthritis of small joints of foot and sleep disorders  .

Stimulate this point strongly by hand or acupressure rod .

 GV 26 OR DU 26  ( The governing vessels meridian or the DU channel )
This acupressure  point is located at the centre of the junction of the upper one third and lower two third of the philtrum of the upper lip.It is a Jing well point .we can use this point for all the emergencies like shock ,heat stroke ,facial paralysis ,epilepsy ,revival from fainting weakness ,low back sprain ,moves and restore motion ,nose bleed ,nasal discharge ,olfactory sensation ( smell).
                                                                GV 26

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