Bauhinia tomentosa is  a medicinal plant  mostly found in India ,Sri Lanka ,Zimbabwe and tropical areas of Africa . (Now it is grown in world wide countries ).It is a small tree with maximum height of 4  meters .It has dropsy slender branches with a scrambling stem .Greenish bark is smooth and some times hairy .Greenish leaves are deeply divided and eliptic in nature ,margin entire .Flowers are bell shaped with large ,yellow petals with a dark maroon patch at the base ,fruit pale brown is a pod .from December to march the plant produces large bell shape flowers that are bright yellow with a deep maroon colored centre .These beautiful flowers turn pink maroon on the second day .Fruits are appear January to June and peas like slender velvety light green when young and turning a pale brown with age .
It belongs to the family of fabaceae .The genus name bauhinia honors herbalist brothers from the 16 th centuray Johann and Caspar bauhin .They were identical twins making it a very opt name as the two lobes of the leaves when foled together are identical .This medicinal plant is called iruvachchi  maram in Tamil
St Thomas tree in English ,kupu – kupu in malayalam ,kural in Hindi ,Phalgu in in Sanskrit .
Roots ,bark ,seeds ,leaves  and flowers are used to cure many diseases in Indian system of medicine Ayurveda , traditional  ,natural and home remedies This plant contains  many useful nutrients and phytochemicals like carbohydrates ,Beta carotene ,iron , soluble and insoluble dietry  fiber ,vitamin C ,alkaloids , ,flavonoids ,oleic acid ,palmitic acid ,phenol ,quercetin ,saponins ,stearic acid ,sterols ,tannins etc .
Decoction of this plant parts is used to cure constipation ,liver disorders ,skin diseases ,tumors ,warts ,digestive problems ,Diarrhoea ,dysentery ,kidney diseases ,improve aphrodisic action  in men .
Many studies reveals that bauhinia has 
antioxidant ,immunomadulatory , anti inflammatory  .
anti ulcer  ,anti bacterial ,anti cancer ,analgesic  ,Hypoglycemic ,and anti diarrhoeal activity .You  can take decoction of this plant bark ,leaves and flowers  30 to 50 twice a day .
you  can add this leaves to your daily diet  in the form of chutney ,koottu and soup .  Regular in take of this leaves in your diet  will be help you to cure above said disease .


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