World cancer day is being observed this year Thursday February 4th with the theme of ” We Can I Can ” to raise awareness of deadly disease cancer and encourage its prevention ,detection and treatment .
Cancer is a uncontrolled growth and spread of cells .It affects all most any part of the body .The growths often invade surrounding tissue and can metastasize to distant sites .
The most common cancer death in our society are due to the cancer affecting in lung ,stomach ,liver ,cervical  and breast .according to WHO reports 30 percent of the cancer deaths are due to high body mass index ,low in take of fruits and vegetables ,lack of physical activity ,tobacco use and alcohol use .
Tobacco is said to be the most risk factor for cancer as it cases 22% of the global cancer death and 77 % of lung cancer death world wide .Breast ,cervical and colon ,rectal cancer can be cure if detected early and treated well .
To prevent cancer you should take more  natural food stuffs such as   fiber rich fruits ,vegetables ,nuts ,whole grains ,pulses ,sprouts ,greens omega 3 fatty acids ,omega 6 fatty acids and herbs .

Carrots, garlic, onion, ginger, mint leaves, coriander leaves, spinach, drumstick leaves, turmeric, cumin seeds, manaththakkali leaves, tomato ,blue berries ,kiwi fruit ,apple ,guva ,lemon ,amla ,broccoli,strawberries ,almonds ,walnuts ,pistha ,cashews ,soya been ,aloe vera ,sour sop ,yellow and red peppers ,tender coconut ,karisalankanni keerai ,curry leaves , fish  ,egg ,curd ,ghee ,olive oil ,sesame seeds ,pumpkin seeds ,cucumber seeds etc.

Aloe vera is a very effect and wonderful herb for  cancer fighting and curing. It has an antioxident and anti inflammatory property. It prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body. You can take aloe vera  weekly twice in the form of juice, aloe vera gel  with honey.


Sour sap fruit juice is having antioxidants and many phyto chemicals .This is the best fruit for preventing and curing cancer in early stage .Take this fruit juice weekly twice will help you  to prevent cancer .malaivembu ,nilavembu ,bermuda grass also fight the cancer cells .



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