Boerhavia diffusa is  a medicinal ,flowering spreading weed ,widely dispersed  throughout India ,the Pacific and southern parts of united states .It is commonly known as punarnava ,which means rejuvenates the body .Boerhavia diffusa is belongs to the family of nyctaginaceae .This medicinal herb is mostly spread on the ground  as  a weed during the rainy season in India but dries in summer .

The leaves are small with whitish color on the lower surface and upper surface is green color .Flowers are very small pinkish and red color .The whole plant has medicinal property ,taste of this herb is bitter and pungent . This herb is called mukaratai saaranai or saranaththi in Tamil ,hog weed in English ,Punaranava in Hindi and Bengali ,Raktakunda in sanskrit ,varshabu in telugu .

This plant contains many useful nutrients and phytochemicals like  punarnavoside ,retenoids ,boeravinones , alkaloids vitamin A ,B ,C ,D and E , pottassium ,iron ,liganas ,flavones  ,14 amino acids including 7 essential aminio acids Plant proteins  sterols etc .

punarnavoside is reported to have diuretic ,anti inflammatory ,anti fibronolytic ,anti bacterial ,anti spasmoodic  ,anti cancer ,anti amebic  activity against entamoeba histolytica and anti microbial  property .
Many research studies shows that in take of this herb  root and juice of this whole plant is helps to 
– cure kidney disorders  , urinary problems ,respiratory problems ,asthma ,obesity ,abdominal pain ,enlargement of spleen ,jaundice ,digestive problems ,liver disorders  ,cold .cough,UTI  problems ,edema associated with kidney dis function ,uric acid deposit ,intestinal worms ,skin diseases ,anemia ,nervous weakness ,constipation ,night blindness ,promotes mucus removal from bronchial tubes ,night blindness ,heart problems  , high blood pressure ,leucorrhea ,rheumatism ,encephalitis fight against joint  pain and edema ,stomach disorders  , diarrhoea , good for diabetes ,it increases insulin levels .
root powder 3-6 grams per day 
fresh juice of this plant 5 – 10 ml daily 
You can add this  medicinal greens on  your diet .  Add some ghee while for preparing food items with it .


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