Germinated green gram    – cup ( nearly 50 grams ) 
chopped brahmi leaves    – 1 table spoon 
grated coconut                – 1 teas spoon 
grated carrot                   – 1 teas spoon 
 Chopped tomato             – 1 teas spoon 
chopped curry leaves        – half  teas spoon 

chopped coriander leaves   –  half teas spoon 
Chopped onions                 – 1 teas spoon 
chopped green chillies     – half teas spoon 
salt                                   – to taste       

Method of preparation 
 Mix all the ingredients in a bowel and then  add salt to taste and then serve it . 

This salad  is rich in dietary fiber anti oxidants like vitamin B ,vitamin C ,and K ,  low calories and many nutrients like  iron , ,protein ,selenium ,potassium ,calcium etc .
It helps to 
 – Improves memory because  
– Removes  constipation 
– Easily digestible  .
 – Improves immunity power .
– Elevate anemia ,increase the  production of RBC .
– Reduce the High blood pressure 
– Reduce the high sugar levels in diabetes.
– Reduce cholesterol.
– Gives fulfilment to the stomach 
– Highly nutritious and easy to prepare 
– Very cheep in cost


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