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The gall bladder is a hollow and  small sac that sits on the right side of the body just under  the liver .  Main purpose of the gall bladder is to store bile also called gall needed for the digestion of food .The gall bladder is part of the biliary system and serves as a reservoir for bile which produces by the liver .  The liver produces bile and then it flows through the hepatic ducts into the gall bladder .It is concentrated by the removal of some water and electrolytes . Before a meal the gallbladder may be full of bile and about the size of a small pear  after meals it will be empty and flat like a deflated balloon . In adult gallbladder measures approximately 8 cm in length and 4 cm in diameter when fully distended .

Bile juice is a greenish brown  liquid .Bile juice mainly contains cholesterol ,water ,bile salts and a pigment called bilirubin .

 Gall stones are harden substances  that develop in the gallbladder or bile duct Gall stones are the most common problem to affect the gallbladder . Gallstones generally form when the bile is saturated with either cholesterol or bilirubin . Nearly 20 percentage of the people are suffering from  gallstones  in common ,but  more  woman are suffering from gallstones than men .

There are two types of gallstones , cholesterol gall stones ( made up of cholesterol )  and pigment gall stones ( made up of pigment bilirubin ). Only minority of the gall stones cause symptoms .Most stones are passed along biliary system . Symptoms may occur  a sudden pain the upper right part or center of abdomen ,pain between the shoulder blades ,nausea ,vomiting ,indigestion ,bloating and heart burn  . 
Obesity ,sex women workers ,people above 60 years ,fasting ,diabetes ,weight loss ,high cholesterol ,high fat diet these are the risk factors for  forming gall stones . Complications of gall stones are inflammation as cholecystitis, blockage of common bile duct with jaundice ,blockage and inflammation of pancreatic duct ( pancreatitis ) and increased the risk of gall bladder cancer .
We should treat this gall stones .
Homeopathy is the best alternative remedy for dissolving gall stones .Homeopathic medicines like calcaria carbonica ,lycopodium ,nuxvomica ,thuja ,cheledonium ,beriberi vulgaris ,phosphorous    will dissolve small and medium sized gallstones without any side effects .


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