Turnip greens are  dark green leafy tops of turnip plant .This edible  ,tasty , nutritious and  ancient vegetable  is thought to have been cultivated almost 4000 years ago .The African slaves adopted turnip greens was a substitutes and incorporated them into their food ways .Turnips were introduced into North America by the early European settlers and colonists .
 Fresh  turnip greens are readily available all around the year .Generally the top greens are tied in bunches and sold with them small tap roots .Turnip greens are part of the cruciferous vegetables family which also includes kale ,broccoli ,cabbage and collard greens.
Turnip greens packed with lots of nutrients which are necessary for our body .Turnip greens are excellent source of vitamin K ,vitamin A( in the form of beta carotene ,vitamin C ,folate ,copper ,manganese ,dietary fiber ,calcium ,vitamin E and vitamin B 6. 

 They are good source of potassium ,magnesium .pantothenic acid ,vitamin  B 1 ,B 2 ,iron ,phosphorus .omega 3 fatty acids ,nacin and protein .
Turnip greens contains very high nitrate levels ,dietary nitrate helps to lowers  the blood pressure ,reduce the amount of oxygen needed during exercise and enhance the athletic performance .

It has very low oxalic acid  content comparing other greens which helps to reduce the form of kidney stones .

It helps to
  – Increase the iron absorption because turnip greens are excellent source of vitamin C and iron .
–  Reduce the high blood sugar levels ,diabetic neuropathy ,peripheral neuropathy because it contains antioxidants ,alpha lipoic acid and dietary fiber .
 – Prevents osteoporosis because it has high content of calcium and vitamin K .
 – Good for your skin  and hair because they are packed with full of vitamin A a nutrient required for sebum production that keeps hair moisture .
– Prevents and treats colon cancer ,and pancreatic cancer because its high content of minerals and anti oxidant vitamin C .
– Promotes healthy digestion and prevents constipation .
 – Improves fertility because of its folic acid  and iron content  
    – Improves sleep ,reduce depression ,enhance the memory,appetite ,and happy mood  through increase the secretion of good hormones like serotonin ,dopamine and norepinephrine . 
– Improves the quality of life with cardiovascular ,respiratory or metabolic diseases .
 – Decrease the risk of obesity ,type 2 diabetes ,heart diseases and overall mortality .
You can add this greens in your diet in the form of  raw  ,in salads ,sand witches ,wraps and braised .
In the form of boiled and fried , added soups , casseroles ,kootu ,pooriyal ,sambar etc .





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